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Got GoT? Maybe not!
The original paid subscriber service, HBO began in 1972 and has kept its position as top dog by evolving and adapting to changing tastes and technology as well as by creating innovative and groundbreaking shows such as the insanely popular “Game of Thrones”.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or in the deepest hole under a mountain in the middle of the Australian outback, Game of Thrones is a monstrous hit based on the book series by George R R Martin. It’s vast, both in scale and in fandom. A world on a Tolkienesque scale with a half-dozen countries fighting for control of the Iron Throne, the number one rule for viewers is “don’t get attached”.

GoT actors have less job security than a sand salesman in the Sahara because Martin didn’t write the story about the characters, but about the positions they occupy. Bodies come and go, but the Iron Throne remains: “The King is dead, long live the King”. The plot is complicated, with more twists than Medusa’s updo. Miss one episode and it won’t be long before you’re hopelessly confused.

This is why you’re now sitting in your hotel room on Day One of your three-week holiday in Tenerife screaming “WHAT!????” as the HBO Go screen brings you this cheerful message:

“To access HBO Go, you must reside within [insert name of your home country here]”

Seriously, missing three weeks of Game of Thrones is catastrophic. There is no such as thing as “Oh, just pick it up when you get back” because you’re likely to return to find a totally different cast of characters and all the old alliances shattered. You’re then stuck with having to binge-watch just to get back up to speed, which is rather like downing an entire cheesecake in one go: it’s just too much.

Instead, keep up your regular schedule by using Virtual Private Networking to log onto HBO through a server in your own country. VPN tricks the HBO server into thinking you’re still at home because it can only see the address of the VPN server. It’s not able to trace your connection back to your actual physical location, which does not have an HBO service.

There is an idea that using a VPN is only for people who want to commit online sins and get away with it. This is one example of a perfectly legitimate use. You have an HBO Go subscription for which you are paying. You are entitled to access your HBO content. Using a VPN allows you to do that – it’s not going to provide access without a legitimately acquired username and password.

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In some countries, there isn’t an actual HBO subscription service. Instead, you are redirected to Amazon, where you can purchase episodes or seasons of various shows. Some countries don’t have an Amazon service available or they block access to certain internet content for political or ideological reasons.

If you are a visitor and not a citizen of that country, using a VPN allows you to access content that is totally legal in your home country, which means money is being spent that wouldn’t be otherwise. In this respect, VPN is generating additional revenue that would otherwise be lost and it helps cut down on internet piracy.