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Do You Do Hulu?
Hulu is a very popular online video streaming service created by a partnership between NBC Universal Television Group, Fox Broadcasting Company/21st Century Fox and Disney–ABC Television Group. It provides content from major networks such as NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, WWE, and Disney, among many other but is only available in the US (through www.hulu.com) and Japan (through www.hulu.jp).

Hulu content includes:

  • Television shows, both current and classic, including:
  • currently-running network shows (f. ex. “Grimm”, “Family Guy”, “Bones”)
  • documentaries (f.ex. “The Dog Whisperer”, “the FBI”, and “Spoilers with Kevin Smith”)
  • foreign content (British, Korean, and Latino each has its own category)
  • family shows (f.ex. “The Cosby Show”, “Shark Tank”, and “Sabrina the Teenaged Witch”)
  • and children’s content categorized by age (including Caillou, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Horrible Histories)
  • Movies, both foreign and domestic, such as the “Resident Evil” series, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series, and “Something’s Gotta Give”
  • Animation for all ages, such “South Park”, “Pokémon”, and anime from Japan and Korea

One of the major criticisms of Hulu is that while it’s understandable that the free streaming service would be ad supported, paying for the upgraded package does not get rid of the advertisements. It just increases available content. Another major criticism is that much of Hulu’s content is “classic” (meaning “old”), obscure, or just plain bad. Other users have criticised the access policies: while adult content is flagged as “intended for mature audiences”, Hulu only requires a Facebook or Hulu login to watch it, meaning it is freely available to anyone with a Facebook account (meaning 13 years and older) or the Hulu username and password. While there is no outright pornography, much of the content is quite explicit and there is a lot of homosexual content that some parents might find unsuitable for their children.

Since it is a joint venture between major broadcasters, Hulu broadcasting licenses are geographically locked to the USA and Japan. This can be very depressing – criticisms aside, there’s a lot of interesting content on Hulu and it’s a great way to keep current on your favourite network shows but none of this matters if you just can’t get to it, right?

No worries – using a Virtual Private Network will get you open access to all of Hulu’s free content. Because you have logged into an American VPN server, the content is in fact being served within the United States so still observes the licensing restrictions. If anything, you are doing the networks a service by generating ad revenue they would otherwise not get if you were forced to other, less ethical, means of accessing the content you need. Of course, if you really want to encourage production of your favourite shows, paying for the upgrade package is a great way to do it and at $8USD a month, it’s cheaper than a full cable package.