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Use a VPN to unblock Netflix
Netflix – powerhouse competition for your cable company.

Virtually every home has some form of subscribed (read: “paid”) television content, be it cable or satellite. If you’re reading this at home, your home is also one of the many with an internet connection for which you also pay because you’d never EVER leech off your neighbour’s signal, right? (RIGHT??) Paid television content provides you with local news and weather, television shows, sports, scheduled educational content, arts content (such as music concerts, live play broadcasts, and dance presentations), and movies.

On the other hand, the internet provides up-to-the-minute news and weather for anywhere you care to name and educational content from institutions around the world in a variety of formats to suit every learning style, much of it interactive and on-demand.

“But what of entertainment?” you ask, to which the answer is simple: Netflix.

Originally started as a mail-order DVD rental service in 1999, Netflix grew like The Blob. Once it began on-demand streaming, it continued to expand until its catalogue spanned the horizon from the so-awful-it’s-hilarious B-movies on the one end to the highest in artistic achievement on the other.

Your local cable subscriber isn’t going to bring you content from other countries, such as really good films from Asia that contain not a single martial arts fight scene; arts presentations at times that suit your schedule; and the ability to watch your favourite television series all the way up from the pilot in continuous back-to-back episodes.

All this, however, you can get from Netflix and you get it any time you want at a fraction of the cost of the average cable or satellite package. Furthermore, maybe your cable package is indeed a really good one with excellent shows you enjoy – but how many commercials do you have to sit through? TV: every 12 to 20 minutes lasting 1 to 5 minutes depending on the show’s popularity. Netflix: 0.

If you’re living in England, you can save yourself a nice sum every year: if you do NOT watch live TV (TV programs as they are broadcast, regardless if they’re live or pre-recorded) and only watch “catch-up” TV, you do not need to buy a TV license. If you’re watching Netflix, you don’t need one, either.

Full information can be found on this excellent page that fully explains the British television licensing system. But what if you’re on holiday in Tenerife or elsewhere on the Continent and are homesick for some good old British tellie? It’s unlikely that TV Canaria is going to be showing BulletBoy or Doctor Who – well, okay, which country doesn’t show the Doctor? – but if you log onto Netflix, you’re only going to get a message saying Netflix is unavailable in your region.

The solution is simple: use a Virtual Private Network to trick the Netflix server into thinking you’ve returned from your holiday and are sitting comfortably on your couch, popcorn bowl at the ready! When you access a website, your IP address is easily read to determine your geographic location. You can find a list of the most popular VPN Services for Netflix on this Website.

By logging in through a UK server, however, the Netflix server can only see the VPN server, not the one for the device you’re actually using. Pull up your favourite British fare, ring up room service for your favourite snacks, and voilĂ : home away from home!