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The Integrated Music Experience
Strictly speaking, you don’t need the internet to get music – you can just turn on a radio. However, you then have to deal with advertisements, “breaking news”,and the awful voiceovers as the hosts chat over the beginning and end of each track.

Even if it’s a marathon of a dozen songs in a row uninterrupted, unless it’s a themed station, you’re lucky if one track is even related to the previous which makes for a very choppy listening experience. Trying playing one of these stations when you have friends over and you’ll find out quickly why so many people end up dancing like this. Is that the kind of party you want? Oh, heck no. Nobody wants that kind of party.

The trick to smooth, integrated music and, therefore, a smooth party is music that is related. It doesn’t have to be the same group or artist, it just has to flow from one song to the next without any jarring disparity in rhythm. For that, you need Pandoras Music Streaming Service. Pick a song or artist that exemplifies the mood you want to set and plug it into the search bar. Pandora will pull up a song that is similar to the one you chose and explain the relationship.

If you need to unblock pandora because its restricted in your area – see this pandora vpn comparison.

If you like it, thumb it up using the icon at the top of the screen. Once that song is done, the next song will also be explained and analysed. If Pandora is on the right track, thumb it up, set the volume, and go enjoy your guests while Pandora takes care of the DJ-ing for you. If the second song is not to your liking, thumb it down. Pandora will immediately stop playing it and pull up another song that should fit closer.

Pandora has two levels: the basic free service is ad-supported but for a mere $4.99USD a month, you have unlimited access and no ads.

So now it’s the night of the big party and you’ve just gone to Pandora.com and to be met by an unfriendly message saying you can’t use Pandora because you’re in the wrong country! That’s put a damper on things, hasn’t it? Short of moving the entire party to America, Australia, or New Zealand, what are you going to do?

Easy: you’re going to look up a Virtual Private Network (or “VPN” for short) and, by logging into a server located in America, Australia, or New Zealand (whichever is closest), you can have the best music for your party at your fingertips. If you want to try the VPN Service before you buy – you might take a look at these Free Trial offers from Major VPN Services.   It works because Pandora’s server only sees the physical location of the computer it’s delivering the content to. It doesn’t know that the content is going to travel further to you – probably doesn’t even care, since the server’s location satisfies licensing requirements.

The next time you have a get-together, don’t bother burning up a huge disk of MP3s or turning on a radio station full of chatter. Just log into Pandora and enjoy the best music for the best price.